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ATech’s vision is to provide Best-in-Class IT enabled services to clients all over the world. Since the BPO industry is highly people driven, ATech believes in providing equal opportunity and excellent work atmosphere to all employees, thereby improving the work environment and efficiency levels to serve Clients better


At ATech we have only one mission: To be of service to our clients.

Being a global solution provider of innovative business processes, ATech has been linking business strategy to operational reality for last 10 years. ATech is driven to foster an integral relationship with its clients in order to focus on their core competency and to deliver the right processes and strategies. ATech’s mission is to help clients maintain sustainable and measurable results to integrate, innovate and grow their business.

Our Philosophy

Anupam Technologies is dedicated to offering performance-based marketing to a diversified clientele. We believe marketing should inspire action, spark elevation, be influential, increase motivation, promote change, and – most importantly – be relevant to your brand. Marketing begins with commitment and creativity and ends with a quantifiable goal. Anupam Technologies will take your marketing investment and provide a measurable goal to obtain the best return on investment. At Anupam Technologies, your brand is our brand and we are committed to its success. Our endless supply of creative, innovative, and professional knowledge can aid in achieving your marketing goals.

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