Stop paying for bad leads. We verify and qualify your leads and help increase your conversion.

Proactive marketing techniques always result in more business prospects. Anupam Technologies call verification service analyzes and identifies prospects who are most likely to convert.

Why do you need call verification services?

Gain quality prospects for your school

Reduce cost by eliminating the bad-lead cost

Acquire pre-qualified prospects across programs

Connect with hard to reach prospects

Boost the enrollment rate for your institution

Save time taken to verify every lead individually

How can we help?





Deploying a call verification service for your leads can help you reduce time, effort and overall cost

Lead volume varies seasonally, and it takes multiple contact attempts to reach out to potential prospects. Our outbound call center lifts the burden from your admission team by qualifying and delivering prospects with a better conversion rate.

Reduce your lead costs. Pay only for leads that are verified and qualified.