Integrate with a CRM to attract, retain and serve your prospects better!


Implementing a CRM for your institution to manage students can help you gain an edge in a highly competitive higher education marketplace. Deploying a CRM allows you to develop stronger and more personal relationships not just with prospective and current students but also with alumni.




Why should you invest in a CRM?

How can we help?

Deploy a communication aid for teams and individuals

Gain valuable insights about your students, and prospects

Nurture strong and personal relationships with students & alumni

Target marketing campaigns, and track results in real-time

Build long-term relationships with students & other stakeholders

Save time, create alignment and induce consistency in processes

Did you know? CRM’s can deliver an ROI of upto 245%

Up Customer Relationship Management is integral to any organization, irrespective of their nature of operations. Got customers? You need a CRM solution! However, there are multiple options available out there – some that offer an on-premise deployment, while others that offer a cloud-hosted platform. Whatever you choose, we can help you integrate with almost any existing CRM platform or even help you build one tailor-made for you!

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