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Your school deserves a tailored approach to global student search, with a unique and branded creative execution. Anupam Technologies analytics dive deep to deliver a true assessment by source, geography, ability, and related academic programs, providing you with comprehensive insights into the quality of your prospective student pool. We are here to help!

Why do you need an International student enrollment service?

Proactive reach out methods can be less effective in the case of international prospects

Communication constraints are more likely to appear while engaging prospects, globally

Attending to all kinds of global prospects can be physically and psychologically challenging to your in house enrollment team

Foreign students add a healthy social and cultural diversification to your campus

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Before the pandemic, international students contributed about $44 billion a year to the U.S. economy

At American institutions, the average in-state student brings the university $8,182 in tuition revenue after institutional financial aid is applied. The average foreign student, however, pays the university nearly three times that amount. As universities hike their published tuitions, domestic students are generally shielded from the hike. But international students often bear the full brunt of tuition increases, making them a critical source of revenue. The COVID-19 pandemic has already resulted in a reduction of international student enrollment by up to 25%