Combat attrition by maintaining a stream of engaged students—even if they’ve registered elsewhere initially.

While getting ready for peak enrollment seasons, faculties and universities raise advertising budgets, to increase inquiry volume. However, most institutes already have thousands of “aged” prospects who expressed interest before. We reach out via text, phone, email, and website chat to reconnect with these aged prospects, delivering you extremely qualified leads at a fraction of the cost you incur.

Why do you need lead requalification services?

Win lost leads from previous campaigns

Increase the probability of student enrollment

Reduce recurring lead cost & marketing spend

Leverage opportunities during student transfers

No added lead acquisition cost of these leads

The reduced churn rate for each campaign

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Changes in the recent NACAC rules have relaxed the constraints for communicating with your past applicants, who did not enroll. Several institutes read this as a strategic chance to build marketing and communication plans, helping them to remain engaged. Dubbing this new communication phase as “Re-recruitment,” we were one of the primary companies to style and execute plans for these students. We are here to help you with yours!




Lead requalification costs a net-zero for the lead acquisition, yet very few companies actually do this. Why do you think that is?

Avoid missed opportunities with our requalification and re-engagement campaigns!