Our live transfer services ensure you are connected with the lead during their highest intent.

Our experts call the student to verify and qualify them for your program while analysing their intent. Once they determine and gauge their interest, they transfer the live call to your  in-house team to take it from there. Never miss out on a warm lead again!

Why do you need live call transfer services?

Cost-effective method of verifying and qualifying leads

First and only immediate access to the hot lead

Reduced closing rates per lead due to exclusive access

Effective and streamlined communication with the prospects

More control over aspects of your live transfer campaigns

Channelize the right prospects to the right program

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Fact check: Connecting with an interested prospect within one minute can increase conversions by 391%

One of the most important factors in converting leads into enrollments is how quickly the admissions team follows up with each lead. There is a direct relationship between the time of inquiry and the time of response. You may think, calling a lead back in one day is quick. The reality is if another school calls back the same lead quicker than you, the odds of the prospect, enrolling at your school decreases a lot.

78% of prospects go to the first institution that speaks to the prospect